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Подводный мир после цунами. Хорошие новости

Все темы о дождях, птичьем гриппе, атипичной пневмонии, прививках, ограблениях, цунами и прочих страхах в Тайланде.

Подводный мир после цунами. Хорошие новости

Сообщение Андрей Галицкий 17 янв 2005 16:32

Сегодня получил письмо и фото. Ребята ходили на сафари на 10 дней практически сразу после цунами.
Hi there! Just back from a long 10-day charter, and have had a good
look at everything. Basically, we can still go out and have wonderful
The South: Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Koh Ha, Bida Nok-Bida Noi, Shark
Point, Koh Doc Mai unharmed! King cruiser still there, of course.
Similans: North Point, Batfish Point, Hideaway (Eastern Front),
Hideaway Bay, Honeymoon Bay, Boulder City, Sharkfin Reef, Princess Bay,
Barracuda Point intact! Some damage at Elephant Rock, but scenery,
swimthroughs etc still worth diving. Morning Edge (East Of Eden) some
corals damaged, but can be dived if you avoid south of bommie.
Christmas Point pretty bad...
Breakfast Bend/Snapper Ally, Deep Six, Beacon Reef; rest in peace...
The North: Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon's Pinnacle, Koh Bon's West Ridge
untouched!! Main site at Koh Tachai 50% of corals broken, but northern
pinnacle not so bad. All sites at Surin Islands wiped out (but they
were dynamited anyway since years back...).

All in all not too bad! Plenty of sites to choose from.
We had whaleshark and mantas the last trip!! Plus giant frogfish,
harlequin shrimps, harlequin ghost pipefish, honeycomb morays, loads of
nudibranchs, devil scorpionfish just to mention a few of the

So, hope to see you here soon again!

А фото здесь http://forum.openwater.ru/index.php?showtopic=621&st=0&
Т.ч. март, апрель я опять в Тай 8)

Удачи всем.
Андрей Галицкий

Сообщение Abo Kor 18 янв 2005 19:34

У меня группа дайверов прилетела на Пхукет 28 Января, вышли на Сафари 2го Января, вернулись 9го. Я была в Паттайе, не было времени написать.
По их рассказам да, кораллы поломаны, но рыб, такое чувство, что стало еще больше. Видели таких экземпляров, что никогда ранее в глаза не видывали.
Но что именно описать затрудняются, говорила по телефону, выглядела это так : Я плыву, а она ВООО!!!!!

добавлено спустя 3 минуты:

ой, зы...
ходили на Симилан, Ришелье, Ко бон

добавлено спустя 1 минуту:

Всем назло идем своей компашкой в середине марта. Когда точно - не знаем, но хотим чтобы народу было много =)

добавлено спустя 22 часов 53 минуты:

In the interest of spreading accurate information about the situation on Phuket,
this Tsunami updates page may be copied by anyone.


In this update:
• US State Dept Travel Advisory Amended.
• Quotes from passengers who were there!
• Facts about tsunami damage to divesites UPDATE.
• Situation in Phuket.
• How you can help.


Some good news at last! It seems that all the hard work informing the world at large about the real situation in Phuket is finally paying off.

Several countries have now changed their Travel Advisories to reflect the real situation. The US State Department amended the travel advisory on its website to read: “A series of tsunami waves caused by a severe earthquake struck southwestern coastal areas of Thailand on December 26, causing great loss of life and destruction to buildings and infrastructure in the popular resort areas of Phuket, Pi-Pi Island, Krabi, and Phang Nga.

“Facilities on Pi-Pi Island and in most of Khao Lak were largely destroyed, making travel to those areas extremely inadvisable. Services in most other affected areas, however, including hotels and telephone services, are generally operating again, and many parts of Phuket and Krabi suffered only minimal damage.”

The above statement reflects the real situation and is much better than the inaccurate assessment we had to endure these last weeks. For more detailed information about the situation in Phuket or the status of divesites in the Andaman Sea, please scroll down or contact us by e-mail.


Much to our dismay there are many unsubstantiated news stories about “total destruction” of Phuket’s coral reefs. Even our own effort to bring a CBS team to the Similans for a first hand look turned into a nightmare when they broke their promise and turned it into yet another “spectacular disaster” story. Our crew and passengers were quoted out of context and our underwater video footage used incorrectly. Never again!

Several statements about reef destruction were made by so-called experts within hours of the disaster, before anyone even had a chance to dive the islands and check out what was really going on. That started all the rumours we are now fighting.

A quote from one of many e-mails we received: "The coral around Thailand must have been blown to bits by the tsunami, how could it be otherwise?” The problem is that many people do not understand the mechanics. Tsunamis wreak havoc on shore and in shallow water, not in the deep!
The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar was largely unaffected. Ocean Rover was there when the tsunami hit Phuket and did not experience any large waves, only “weird” currents.
The Burma Banks: No damage.
Richelieu Rock: No damage but the strong current moved some of the rubble at the base of the rock.
Surin Islands: some of the shallow hard coral fringe reefs show damage.
Ko Tachai: Some damage in the shallows. Twin Peaks undamaged.
Ko Bon: Minimal damage to The Ridge.
Similan Islands: Damage appears to be limited to the shallow part of some fringe reefs. A few of the rock formations had soft coral removed by the wild current. Highly popular divesites such as Fantasea Reef are in fine shape.

As on Phuket’s beaches, the tsunami, terrible as it was, seems to have had a “cleansing” effect and water was clear and calm everywhere with abundant fish life.

As you can see, initial reports are encouraging and very different from what the media would have us believe. Surely, more damage will be recorded as data flows in but there is no reason for gloom.

We will continue to update this reef report as we learn more and post dated pictures as soon as we have them. Meanwhile, please pass on to us any news, good or bad, that you hear about our area, so we can investigate any wild claims and get the truth out on the Internet.

Phuket is bouncing back with incredible speed. Everyone is impressed by the combined efforts of the Thai Government, the military and the many relief agencies. Fantastic work is being done by local volunteer groups and by the many tourists who decided to stay and help.

Above all, there is praise for the Thai people whose never-give-up spirit and boundless generousity have impressed everyone. This is that special Thai touch that makes tourists feel so welcome in this country. The Thai smile and attitude to life is unique and proves to be the best medicine during these difficult times.

Most people are now aware that compared to Sri Lanka and Sumatra, Thailand is recovering fast. But within Thailand there are differences, depending on location. TV viewers world-wide cannot be expected to know the exact location of all the places in Thailand that are shown on TV. This has caused confusion regarding the extent of damage in Phuket.

Only about 15% of available hotel rooms in Phuket were damaged by the tsunami. Only about 1% of Phuket’s landmass was touched by the waves. Of course the human aspect of the tragedy has touched everyone who lives here but the fact is that most of the island is unaffected and has a completely functional infrastructure, no shortages and no disease.

Khao Lak lies 100km north of Phuket and was much harder hit. Most relief efforts now being undertaken by Phuket-based volunteer groups are focusing on helping Khao Lak. Pi-Pi Island, which lies 70km to the southeast of Phuket, was devastated as well. Both Khao Lak and Pi-Pi Island will need much more time to recover than Phuket.

There is a real worry among Phuket people that tourists will now stay away because they think the island is devastated and disease ridden. Repeated TV images that dwell on the horrific and ignore the progress made with cleaning up the island are partly to blame for this. Tourists turning their back on Phuket would cause more hardship then most people here could bear.
- Я добрая фея!
- А почему с топором?!
- Как мало ты знаешь о добрых феях...
Аватар пользователя
Abo Kor
Сообщений: 4403
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Сообщение Abo Kor 03 фев 2005 11:44

Вот кстати фотка очень довольных людей, нырявших 2го Января, сказали, что практически ничего не поломано.
- Я добрая фея!
- А почему с топором?!
- Как мало ты знаешь о добрых феях...
Аватар пользователя
Abo Kor
Сообщений: 4403
Фото: 74
Зарегистрирован: 29 апр 2004 16:46
Откуда: *ХДЕ Я????*

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