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Сообщение Ира 30 дек 2004 21:19

ну и жулики эти владельцы сайта!
весь мир говорит о катастрофе, а у них все ОК и море блещет и отели работают!!!
набить вам морду
Сообщений: 5
Зарегистрирован: 05 ноя 2008 17:57

Сообщение JaDasha 30 дек 2004 22:36

Ира, честно, мне смешно. Вы тв смотрите? Другие турсайты читаете, например, того же Винского?
Что делают люди на Пукете?Которые не пострадали - загорают, купаются, отдыхают одним словом, чего я честно говоря не понимаю.
А обвинять в жульничестве и оскорблять людей, чьего мнения на этот счет не знаете, не спешите, дорогая.

Сообщение eThaiRu 31 дек 2004 00:59

или как вас там... замучили вы ники менять и писать гадости.
Если вам не нравиться ПРАВДА, то что вы делаете на этом форуме ? Ждете что бы все модераторы вас удаляли ?....

Или вы живете на Пукете и может дать все свои контакты и реальное имя.. заодно я вам позвоню узнать состояние вещей ... КАК Я ЭТО ДЕЛАЮ КАЖДЫЙ ДЕНЬ ЗВОНЯ В СВОЙ ОФИС НА ПУКЕТЕ!!!!

добавлено спустя 23 минуты:

очивидцы говорят

Dear Club Andaman's partner,

RE: Phuket Post-Tidal Waves Update - Two

For your immediate attention, Phuket beaches and surroundings are not really damaged like what all international TV channel campaigned. Of course, it is true to accept that there have been some general damages but not for all. All upfront parts of the beaches have truly been affected but some many of breezy parts have been pretty good for your relaxation and of good safety for all residents and tourists. The TVs have been trying to mess all things up and then our entire Phuket will be certainly destroyed
unless all of you do not percieve some part of the fact. At this stage, we are pleased to insist that the arrivals to our Phuket are truly safe and welcoming.
Your clients will have been enjoying their holidays. Today, we have driven around the beachfront areas no matter where are Patong, Kata, Karon Beaches and have found that some parts of the beaches are still enchanting for all holiday purposes. More tourists have come back and relaxed by the beaches; some swimming, some sunbathing, and some strolling. That is some parts of the fact that you have never been informed except the scenes of our distress.In particular, the Patong Beach where our Club Andaman is located has now turned the beautiful clear sky, blue sea, and white sandy beach. More tourists have been seen enjoying the sea swim and sunbath. More beach vendors have come back and started their daily lives and routine works.Four days after the Tsunami attacks, we insist to say that that was the phenomenon not such any of outbreaks or diseases epidemic. Therefore, please be our part and show the confidence in the arrivals to your valued clients. We mostly here are recovering; especially our hotel that has been just slightly damaged by such terrific waves. Please be advised that our beachfront garden and one of two pools are going to come back to normal by tomorrow. Of course, while we have 200 nice rooms in the main building and 16 Lotus Villages our first 15 Andaman Cottages are also going to be ready for all arrival guests by tomorrow. Then, we will have total 231 rooms for all your bookings. You will find now we have not been in such tragedies. We are the first one who is recovering and ready for serving you all. Please take our confidence and pass on to your valued clients.. We also drove along the behind-beachroad of Patong areas and seen hundreds of tourist who had been enjoying their nightlife, and dinning pleasures. Yes, those areas and surroundings have never been suffered or even been single hit. They have all been SAFE and entertaining. At this stage, we will make some shootings of the beach environment and the nightlife street for your all information and reference, then will forward to all of you by tomorrow or as soon as possible.
Thank you for your kind attention. Please feel free to make any question to our customer relation

Adison Sitthiwong
Executive Assistant Manager
Club Andaman Beach Resort / The Andaman Beach Suites


Dear Partner,

It is a blessing that we survived the high waves that devastated Phuket on the 26th of December, and our damages were isolated to water damaged ground floor rooms in the North Wing (closest to the beach), the gardens and the swimming pool. The rest of the hotel facilities, the Angsana Spa and other guest rooms were untouched by the waters.Two restaurants out of our four had been damaged and repairs are already underway. The Guest Activities Centre and the Kids Club are also being repaired while the swimming pool, which has been cleaned and is now being filled with clean water. Arriving guests can comfortably check in at anytime while the public areas adjacent to the beach have our highest priority; they will be ready for the guests to by December 31. The swimming pool will be ready to use by this coming Saturday, January 1. Until our pool is open our guests are free to use the swimming pools of our sister Laguna properties with our compliments. Free transportation is available by shuttle bus but ferry service is not available until we have cleared debris from the lagoons.We appreciate your concerns during this difficult time and trust that we will still be receiving your support in the coming weeks. All the staff, as well as the people of Phuket, are counting on the continued support and unwavering confidence from all of our business partners. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

Best Regards,
Andrew Cornelio
Director of Sales and Marketing
Dusit Laguna Resort, Phuket



Trisara, Phuket. 72 Hours following the earthquake and tsunami on Sunday, I wanted to give you accurate information on how this tragic event may impact your planned visit. Generally, 90% of the Island was unaffected by the waves, which were limited to within a few hundred meters of the coastline. The clean-up operation to restore the area to its original condition begins in the affected areas of Patong, Kamala and Karon beach, all further to the south of Trisara. The northwestern coastline which includes Trisara was the least affected. Trisara, which is located at Naithorn Bay, suffered only minor damage to the main beach pool as sea water washed into the pool. No trees were knocked over nor did we suffer any structural damage. The pool is expected to be operational within the next few days. There was no structural damage to the main facilities. The Airport is functioning as normal and the short drive to Trisara shows no signs of any damage at all. Local restaurants and attractions are now open for business as usual. As the resort’s pool villa rooms are located above the seafront, all were spared from any damage. Our Restaurants, Bar, and Kitchen and other facilities were all unaffected and are functioning as normal. All our guests and staff were fortunately unhurt, and in fact the resort today looks much the same as it did prior to the waves. We were so lucky. For your information, Trisara has set up a fund that will be partly used to provide aid to the relatives of our staff members who have lost loved ones, are in hospitals, or have had their homes destroyed. We have also been delivering food and water to those most in need. Lastly, and in light of reports I am hearing on the news, I want to assure you that our vegetables are all air-flown from the Royal Projects in the north of Thailand, and are organic. Much of our fruit is imported, and the rest is from other provinces away from Phuket. Our water in the rooms is heavily filtered and treated. In the kitchens, we have additional carbon filters and we have taken extra measures to ensure it is free of any bacteria, with regular testing. I hope you will feel comfortable with this and that you can see the overall experience at Trisara remains as normal, quiet and peaceful and safe. Thank you again for your understanding and all the team look forward to welcoming you to Trisara.

Warm Regards
Panjama Leamsuwan (Ms.)
Director of Sales & Marketing
Trisara, 60/1 Moo 6, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Talang, Phuket 83110 Thailand


Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all I would like to thank you your continuous support during this year 2004 and wish that that our business relationship will remain success as usual. After a Tsunami Disasters at Patong Beach. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere regret and concern to the victims, survivors and the tranquil beauty and the location that were along the sandy beach of Patong was destroyed by the waves. Most importantly, we are located in the heart of Patong therefore we have not effected by Total Waves moreover we are the Center of Advise and Assistance for all survivors. We have organized food and drinking water for the survivors as well. Our valuable guests who have stayed with us during this period, we are able to confirm their safety, as they are the most important to us. Our hotel earned a reputation for being a hotel with unparalleled service and facilities during this circumstance. We do hope that in the year 2005 with your continuous support our business would achieve the goal. We understand that without your patronage we would not have achieved this success story. Any matters concern your office or representations on Patong Beach please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require. Once again I thank you for your always kind assistance and support and I look forward to the successful year 2005. On behalf of the Management Team and the Staff of Baan Sukhothai Hotel & Spa we wish you all Happy New Year.

Warmest Regards,
Hotel Staff and Management Team
Baan Sukhothai Hotel & Spa, Phuket

любезно предоставлено http://www.sawadee.com/tsunami/statements.htm

Новые фото с пукета
см http://www.sawadee.com/tsunami/pictures/index.htm
Аватар пользователя
Сообщений: 20738
Фото: 554
Зарегистрирован: 09 ноя 2003 19:16
Откуда: Бангкок

Сообщение JaDasha 31 дек 2004 09:19

Значит так, дорогие мои форумчане, особенно "Гости". Если у вас есть претензии, недовольства, обиды , что еще, возмущение и пр, то регестрируйтесь, создавайте отдельные темы-будем общаться и обсуждать. И никак иначе. Все сообщения содержащие ругань, оставленные "гостями" пропускаться не будут. Так что без обид, что вы их потoм не увидите. Все
Последний раз редактировалось JaDasha 02 янв 2005 13:47, всего редактировалось 1 раз.

Сообщение Гость 01 янв 2005 14:14

вчера звонили в Патайю! друзьям и в отель говорят что ГУД....

Сообщение JaDasha 01 янв 2005 15:36

вчера звонили в Патайю! друзьям и в отель говорят что ГУД....

Почему же там должно быть иначе? Патая не пострадала абсолютно. Да и как я поняла по поздравлениям оттуда, народ там реально веселиться и празднует, несмотря на спроизошедшие события.

Сообщение Grant 02 янв 2005 22:01

Segodnya vernulsya s Kao Laka - koshmar.
Opishu pozzhe.

Сообщение eThaiRu 02 янв 2005 23:24

да... там конено смыло все..
расскажи что видел своими глазами.
Аватар пользователя
Сообщений: 20738
Фото: 554
Зарегистрирован: 09 ноя 2003 19:16
Откуда: Бангкок

Сообщение Наташа 03 янв 2005 01:18

С новым годом всех! Собираемся на Пукет 04.01.2005 Карон beach.Первый раз решили ехать самостоятельно на на Emirates Airlines,а тут СМИ обьявили, что все чартеры из Москвы отменены. Муж дергается ,как свинья на веревке,плачется,что там никого не будет из русских.
Сообщений: 32
Зарегистрирован: 19 июн 2011 11:26

Сообщение Гость 03 янв 2005 03:42

eThailandRu писал(а):Grant,
да... там конено смыло все..
расскажи что видел своими глазами.

Вода продвинулась на 1-1,5 км.Разрушены или серьезно повреждены почти все постройки.Два буддийских храма превращены в морги и там просто горы трупов.Без маски невозможо дышать - запах...
Сегодня был в "Софителе" - братская могила.Заходил в номера - 30 -40 см песка,всё разворочено.Работают бригады МЧС Франции,Греции,Сингапура.Запах...
На Патонге первая линия разворочена - до сих пор не убран песок.Запах...
С большим трудом добирался до Пукета - трафик в 4 утра - едут машины МЧС и гуманитарная помощь.
За три дня на Пукете увидел многое,но писать нелегко.Спрашивайте - буду отвечать на вопросы.


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